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Secret Kingdom Best Friends Gallery

Do you have a best friend? Or maybe two best friends like Ellie, Summer and Jasmine? If you do, send us a photo or drawing of you with you best friends and we'll put it in our best friends gallery below. Every month the person who sends us the best picture will win a Secret Kingdom goody bag!

The latest images from this months gallery...

  • Zara, age 7

    Zara says - I'm very happy because I love reading Secret Kingdom books!

  • Shaquira

    Shaquira says: 'This is me and my awesome little sister!'

  • Angeline

    This is Angeline and her BFF who is also her neighbour! They're at Compass Point.

  • Ottalie and Andrea

    Best friends with their Secret Kingdom bags!

  • Aishah and Lucy

    Secret Kingdom fan Aishah is off to her school tour with best friend Lucy!

  • Rehnuma

    Rehnuma is very happy because she loves Secret Kingdom (obviously!)

  • Aliyeen and Saba

    BFFs forever!

  • Keshwini

    Keshwini, aged 6, is a massive Secret Kingdom fan!

  • Kerry and Lucy

    These two best friends are in their PJs ready for a sleepover. Hope you had fun, girls!

  • LacyAnn

    LacyAnn wrote in to tell us she's Secret Kingdom's number 1 fan! "Can't wait until the next book comes out," she writes. Not long to wait now!

  • Demira and Kaaren

    These best friends spent a whole three days together and it looks like they had a fab time! Love the glasses, girls! :)

  • Renata and friends

    Looks like there's a birthday girl among these three friends. Happy birthday - I hope bunny enjoyed the cake too!

  • Maria and her brother Kristian

    Fun + sun + trampoline! What more could you ask for? Fantastic picture guys, but who can jump the highest!?

  • Lily and her freinds

    A beautiful picture of three very sweet toothed little ladies enjoying the best thing in the world - Candy Floss!

  • Ellie and her best friend

    Adorable picture! Loving the necklace and face paint girls!

  • Chelsea

    At the mini golf in Bateman's Bay

  • Rachel and her best freinds!

    Nothing better than and lovely tea and cake party!

  • Kerys and Ava

    Beautiful photograph girls in the sunshine! :)

  • Ellie and Esther

    Looks like your having a lot of fun girls in your handmade house in the garden! :)

  • Poppy and her best friend

    These two lovely girls are room mates and enjoying staying up late to talk all about the Secret Kingdom - what happens next!?

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